P R A T S / C O F F E E
A r c h i t e c t u r e + C o n s t r u c t i o n

Chief Financial Officer: Prats/Coffee Architects, Inc. and Prats/Coffee, Inc., a construction corporation
Registered Architect: California License No. C17276
Graduate: Southern California Institute of Architecture, BA Architecture


Southern California Institute of Architecture Faculty Scholarship Award
Women's Architectural League Scholarship
American Institute of Architects Scholastic Award
The Henry Adams Fund

Married: Long Beach, CA
Residence: Los Angeles, CA


Mr. Coffee has an unusually broad managerial and technical background in all types of construction environments. His experience in applying coherent operations, management and architectural/engineering systems analysis and implementation, combined with his expertise in structures evaluation, have contributed to his success. His responsibilities include overseeing all financial elements of Prats/Coffee projects, as well as guiding his architectural staff through all phases of design development and construction documentation.
As Chief Financial Officer for Prats/Coffee, he has demonstrated his problem-solving abilities in productivity improvement and cost reduction programs in directing his ten million dollar design/build construction firm, realizing consistent growth during various market conditions. He directs and facilitates fiscal systems and development, and the implements of major cost management and control programs. Mr. Coffee is also responsible for aiding clients in real property procurement and feasibility studies.
With an extensive knowledge of management in architectural enterprise, Mr. Coffee has managed projects in both the small business and Fortune 500 corporate environments. He directs and performs quarterly management and cost analysis audits which contribute to the financial integrity of his firm. Mr. Coffee also authors and directs all in-house training functions for his architectural staff.